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Home Inspections: Thorough Mold Inspections in Columbus Ohio Listing ID: 623233

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Mold is found nearly all over Columbus, Ohio, so it may be necessary to schedule a mold inspection to find out if your home has mold. It reproduces by sending tiny spores through the air to find another place to colonize. Colonies can be virtually any color and range from kind of fuzzy to downright slimy. Mold is a champion of nature; it plays an important role in the decomposition of dead matter to create fertile earth for new growth. Outside, you are exposed to small amounts of airborne mold spores, every single day with no side-affects and at that level, there isn’t any need for concern. However, under optimum conditions, mold can grow out of control and exposure to mold at these levels can leave you feeling sick and miserable. Call us to schedule a mold inspection: 1-800-241-1033


James Jones rendered professional mold inspection work quickly and efficiently. He was kind and able to identify various areas of concern. He answered my questions to the point and with clarity. His report was elaborate. I am very happy with my inspection and would recommend him highly.

- Google Review

James does great mold inspection! Very friendly and personable as well as exceedingly thorough in doing a mold inspection. Because of his inspection, we were able to discover some potentially costly and dangerous items in a house we were looking at. Awesome! Highly Recommend!

- Google Review

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